Buy-and-Rent Investments

Is it  getting harder to make a money buying up foreclosures and renting them out?

The auction prices of homes climbed faster than rents in 2013, so returns on investment dropped, according to a report from CoreLogic. The practice is still profitable, but in many places not as much as it was. “It’s gotten so competitive that discounts at foreclosure are not where they were,” said Daren Blomquist, spokesman for RealtyTrac. “It’s harder for third party purchasers at auction to make a profit.” That’s a change from the past several years. In many cities where mortgage defaults spiked after the housing crash, investors were able to buy foreclosed homes at prices so low they were able to make big rental profits.

So what is an investor to do .. Work with your local Realtor that is focused on investors and investments optutnities. I often have other agents present investment optuntites to me before they go to market and often those same optuntities are sold before they go to market.

Yes investing in real estate can still be a good thing .. but all good things take a little extra effort.

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