Forbearance,Short Sale Deed-in-Lieu What does it all mean

There are many options to help bring your mortgage current and avoid the foreclosure process have you talked to a Realtor about Forbearance,Short Sale, Deed-in-Lieu or other options available via HAFA.
You can avoid foreclosure call me today so we can review all your options, it’s never to late.

Call Eric G Reid he has been helping homeowners with Foreclosure in Lawrenceville for the past 7 years .

Option Description Benefits
Forbearance Delay or reduce payments until you can bring your mortgage current. Helps you get your finances back on track without the worry of losing your home. A good option if your situation is temporary.
Repayment Plan Distribute your delinquent payments over a period of time (usually no more than 6 months) to bring your mortgage current. You pay your normal monthly payment plus an additional portion of the past due amount. Gets your mortgage current within a defined time-frame without damaging your credit.
Modification Modify the terms of your current mortgage adding a portion of the past due amount to your unpaid principal balance. Allows you to stay in your home with terms/payments that meet your current financial needs.
Short Sale Market and sell your home to pay off your mortgage. Avoids the foreclosure process and minimizes the effects on your credit.
Deed-in-Lieu Transfer your property to Nationstar Mortgage if you have not been able to sell your house at fair market value for at least 90 days. Avoids the foreclosure process and can be less damaging to your credit rating.

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