Housing market may be cooling down

Is the market self correcting ?

Is the


Housing Market cooling ?

In the U.S., May 2013 inventories rose by 5.82 percent over April 2013 and median list prices were 2.10 percent higher than April prices.

National housing indicators are being led by strong regional markets experiencing key growth, as seller supply begins to respond to consumer demand mirroring on a micro scale, indicating a slower but steady national trend towards sustainable market recovery.

As the spring homebuying season transitions into summer, some regions across the nation are seeing month-over-month inventories replenishing above usual seasonal patterns as sellers begin to respond to pent up demand. Many previously “hot” regional markets such as Sacramento and Stockton in California are in the process of balancing out, as surges in month-over-month listings begin to replenish depleted inventories.

Time to list your home is NOW

Time to Sell My Home

Time to Sell My Home


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