Gwinnett County Property Tax Appeal

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How can I appeal my Property Tax Appeal

Did you receive your Gwinnett County Property Tax Assessment? Do you think it is too high and want to appeal the taxes?

As in years past if you feel your property tax assessment is too high and want to appeal it we can offer some assistance to you.

For the past 5 years we have provided to residents comparable home sales based on your homes size and configuration that will better prepare you to appeal the taxes. We do not charge a fee to do this for you.

If you would like this information please email me and I will get the comparable home sales to you. Please be patient with this however. We get a number of these requests and it does take some time to prepare the comparable sales and forward them to you.

Here is what I need in order to help you:

Email address
Home specs: Bedrooms, full baths, slab or basement (if on a basement, is the basement finished or unfinished)

Email me at

PS: Home values are going up this year and if you want to appeal this is the year to do it. Next year, I would expect a much higher increase in the taxes.

PSS: This information does not replace hiring a professional tax assessment company to complete a full appeal for you. These companies are well worth the money.

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